hydromoving inc.

Established in 2013, hydromoving inc. is a co-founded Washington State Corporation. Record set on September 2013 for mileage increase and emission reduction enabled by a retrofit system based on Oxyhydrogen mixed in internal combustion chambers.

This unique exemplar is in excellent conditions and has been maintained since August 2013 (with a major maintenance service for the cells on June 2017).

This is a unique exemplar and living proof of well known concepts of the benefits of adding Oxyhydrogen in combustion chambers.

Make no mistake

hydromoving inc. EST 2013 CONFIRM that the prototype is NOT BASED ON RAIN WATER. The unique mix of DISTILLED WATER and KOH is at the basis of this prototype performances.

When building a system like this, multiple questions must be answered including: how to produce Oxyhydrogen, how to inject Oxyhydrogen in the combustion chamber; what is the best nano-coating model for the electrodes? And many more questions. 5 years of *real* road tests with unexpected findings have highlighted both potentials and areas of improvement. 

The system is able to feed multiple electrolytic cells while continuously produce Oxyhydrogen gas through electrolysis.

There is no stock of any gas other than the standard gasoline tank making the system safe to drive and not dangerous in case of accident.

A pressure meter keeps you informed on the current pressure of the adjunct Oxyhydrogen powered gas. The Blue button switch the system on and off.

A second alternator has been deployed

Control units manage and coordinate voltage and signaling over time integrating with the car control unit. A dry battery is also deployed to assist core functions.